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Hi, my name is Rick Keene, founder and sole carpet repair technician for Keene’s Carpet Service. And as you can tell by my before and after photos I take pride in the meticulous work I do for my customers. I am grateful to possess skills that allow me to make them very happy with result many of my customers thought were impossible. And that makes me very happy and want to put a smile on your face too! 🙂

Whether it be carpet stretching, patching or fixing carpet damaged by our beloved pets, make me your go-to guy for all your carpet repair and re-stretching needs. The kind of experience and skill I offer is rare in the industry and I offer my services at a very average price. I promise, you won’t find a better carpet repair man anywhere in Orange County!

Below are just some of the services I offer. And even more are listed below that. If you have a carpet problem there’s a very good chance I can make it look like nothing ever happened!

Rick Keene

Owner, Keene’s Carpet Service
Rick Keene

A patch doesn’t have to look like a patch!

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I use a power stretcher so you’ll never need it stretched again.

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Eliminate pet stains and odors for good!

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Are your seams a playground for your pet?

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My transitions are as clean and secure as can be.

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After area is dry, I come in to re-install or replace carpet and pad.

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I did the big jobs for years. Time for the small jobs!

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Quiet those annoying squeaks for good!

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I am available anytime for carpet services you need.

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Keene’s Carpet Service & Repair – Orange County Carpet Repair and Carpet Re-stretching Services

A family owned business specializing in Repairing Damaged Carpet. Berber Expert. Services include: Re-stretching Loose, Wrinkled, Bubbling Carpet with a Power Stretcher to get maximum life out of your carpet. Also focus on Seam Repairs, Pet Damage, Patch Holes, Stains, Burns, Bleach, & Coffee Spots, Carpet Tucks to Wood & Tile, Fix Annoying Squeaky Floors, Water Damaged Carpet, Replace Carpet Pad if necessary, & more, just ask!

Quality & Experienced Carpet Repair by Rick in Orange County & San Diego, CA. All Work is Guaranteed! No Job Too Small

Rick 949-412-8759

For Free Estimate, Call, Text, or E-mail Rick. Feel free to E-mail pictures of Carpet Repair: CarpetRepairTech@gmail.com.

South Orange County Carpet Repair Services

Patchwork Services Orange County

to Fix Pet Damage, Stains, & Spots from Pet Urine, Dugged Up Carpet, Coffee, Wine, Bleach, etc. Rick can often take carpet out of the closet to repair the carpet damage with a patch if you don’t have carpet from the original installation. Important to go with the original carpet from installation as it will give you the best look of any repair. He can re-patch the closet carpeting with his carpet or yours.

Re-Stretching Services Orange County / Loose Carpet Stretching Service Orange County

with a Carpet Power Stretcher for getting you maximum life of your carpet. A Power Stretcher allows you to get the tightest hold of your carpet to last over the years.

Carpet Seam Repair Services Orange County

We have solutions for Orange County carpet seam repair even when there is no carpet left over from installation. Carpet seam issues occur in areas of the carpet where carpets get seamed together. You can consider your carpet seam issue HISTORY when you choose Keene’s Carpet Service.

Carpet Tucks to Tile or Wood Orange County

Get beautiful, seamless tucks and transitions from carpet to wood or carpet to tile. With Rick’s decades of experience, your carpet is going to look incredible and professional.

Fix/Repair Annoying Squeaky Floors.

Do you have annoying, squeaky floors underneath your carpet? Have no fear! Keene’s Carpet Service, based in South Orange County, can help you reduce or eliminate those awful squeaks! Rick can come do an in-person, free estimate to give you an idea of cost.

Carpet Water Damage Repair Orange County

Important to get the carpet & pad up quickly so mold won’t develop. Rick can give you instructions over the phone or come out to your home to inspect. A common problem for homeowner’s is pinhole leaks in piping which leads to major carpet damage. Rick can help in the beginning and after your pipe leak has been fixed. Sometimes Carpet can be saved and reinstalled. Just varies.

Fixes Other People’s Mistakes!

Rick Keene of Keene’s Carpet Service & Repair has been specializing in Repairing Carpet for over 25 years! A Perfectionist at his trade, Rick will Guarantee All Work. He often fixes other people’s mistakes so make sure to go with him the first time! He does all the work himself as he is the BEST at what he does. He can often help you save money from buying new carpet. He does fantastic re-stretches & patchwork which takes years in this industry to be good at. He is fast, efficient, & extremely skilled in his field.

* Carpet Stretching
* Carpet Patching
* Pet Damage Carpet Repairs
* Water Damage Carpet Repairs
* Carpet Seam Repairs
* Carpet Restretching
* Fix Squeaky Floors
* Tile and Wood Tucks
* Carpet Transition Repairs
* Pet Stain and Odor Removal
* Carpet Stain and Burn Repairs
* Berber Carpet Patching
* Fix Loose Carpet
* Berber Carpet Snag Repairs
* Patterned Carpet Patching
* Stair Carpet Repairs and Replacement
* Small Carpet Installations
* Carpet Re-installations
* Carpet Binding
* Commercial Carpet Repairs
* Custom Carpet Repairs
* Carpet Pad Replacement
* Tack Strip Replacement
* Carpet Retacking
* Hide Wires and Cables Under Carpet