“Ten years into this business I thought I knew it all. Twenty years in I realized I had a lot to learn. And today my customers are still teaching me. Not only about repairs, but about life!”

If possible, please send me pictures of your carpet problems via text or email. I’ll quote you a price if it’s a patch or other repair where I can see what I’m getting into. Re-stretch pics usually don’t help unless I can see the layout of the room. So many factors come into play with such repairs so be wary of anyone quoting a price without asking a fair amount of questions or seeing it first.

Thanks. I look forward to putting my expertise to work for you!


Carpet Patching

I fix snags, tears, stains, burns and fraying edges and make it look like nothing ever happened! Even with the more difficult berber and pattern match carpets. Did you take out a wall, closet track or cabinet? I can fix that too!)

*If you don’t have any carpet leftover from the original installation we’ll take from a closet. I carry carpet with me to patch that spot if needed.


Carpet Stretching

The most common cause of wrinkles is that many installers, if not most, only use a knee kicker. Even many carpet repairmen will re-stretch your carpet using only a kicker. Do it right the first time and it should be the last time!


Pet Damaged Carpet

Unfortunately, cleaning and odor removers are only temporary solutions so patching is often the only option. Pad and possibly tack strip may also need to be replaced in effected areas and floors treated.

Seam Repairs - South Orange County CASeam Repairs - South Orange County CA

Carpet Seam Repairs

Seams can take a beating with vacuuming pulling up fibers that can attract the attention of pets. Most often the solution is to patch the area, but stretching can also be an option depending on the circumstances.


Carpet Tucks to Wood, Tile and Stone

Transitions from carpet to a hard surface are right there for everybody to see, and when they’re not done right they can look pretty unsightly. There is a lot of precision involved in doing a clean and secure transition. One eighth of an inch short in trimming the carpet can result in the edge of the carpet coming up and backing fibers exposed to vacuuming and pets. This is one of the most common repairs that wouldn’t be needed if the transition was done right. With that said, whoever installs the tile or other hard surface needs to do their part and provide a clean and vertical edge. Without it a perfect transition may not be possible.

Water Damage Image

Water Damaged Carpet

I am usually the last one to come in after water damage, although occasionally I’m called first, and this can save you money if you can time my service right. While I don’t have the equipment to dry out your carpet, I can eliminate damage caused by first responders who often cause a lot of unneeded damage in the process of pulling carpet up. If cuts need to be made at doorways, they’re not concerned with how straight it is. And a crooked cut will usually result in a patch to put it back together. With this said, getting water out as soon as possible is your first concern.


Small Carpet Installations and Re-Installs

Whether you’re looking to carpet your stair case, bedroom, office or even boat, I can help. I did big jobs for many years, including office buildings, schools, churches, yachts and even entire neighborhoods of homes. That’s why I’m Keene’s Carpet Service and not Keene’s Carpet Repair. But it’s hard to change a good name that’s been around since 1986!

Upper level of modern house furnished with built-in cabinets, tv, storage units. View of staircase and railings

I Also Fix Squeaky Floors!

I can’t fix structural issues, but I can eliminate squeaks caused by the nails working their way up and loosen the Plywood Sub-Floors. This is the most common cause. And with a carpet pro taking care of both squeaks and stretching the carpet back, lots of money is saved!

However, for those of you with homes that have structural issues such as excessive Humps, Sags, Slopes, Bounciness and Incessant Internal Structural Squeaks or Decay, these types of serious SubFloor issues are outside of my scope of services. For those types of issues, I would suggest that you contact Richard Alcaraz, Owner of The Squeaky Floor Doctor, located in City of Orange. While I’m kind of a squeaky floor Nurse, he’s a Professional SUB-Floor Expert and Doctor! He also has the industry’s best warranties 50, 100 or 200 years that are Transferable to Subsequent Homeowner’s.

The Squeaky Floor Doctor can be contacted at 714-744-0700 or visit their website for more information about their services: TheSqueakyFloorDoctors.com